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Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 22:25:07 EST

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>Subject: [b-greek] Intervocalic Sigma in third declension nouns
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>With respect to third declension nouns whose stems end in a dental; is
>an established rule/reason why the intervocalic sigma does not drop out in
>the dative plural (e.g., ELPISI ). This is not mentioned specifically in
>Mounce's Morphology of Biblical Greek (n-3c(1-3)) or in Smyth (120). Smyth
>says that S will remain because of phonetic change or analogy but I'm not
>sure if this applies here. I was wondering if it is related to the loss of
>the D or if the I in the ending is consonantal. Obviously this is not a
>deal, I'm just curious. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
>Brent Hudson
>Moncton, NB

The reason is that the one "S" betwixt the vowels represents two, i.e. SS.
It does so because the dental D in the stem ELPID then placed before the S
in the dative –SI(V) (as also is the case nominative) transforms itself into
a S so a double SS form occurs, and so the form ELPISSI(V) arrived. This
double SS later changed into an single S, but that came about, I assume,
first then the trend of dropping a single S betwixt vowels had ceased.

The development of the present dative form for ELPIS is consequently like

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