[b-greek] Wenham Exercise 36A-11

From: Hirokatsu Yoshihara (hiro-likeluke@mbd.nifty.com)
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 12:42:58 EST

Dear list members,

Can I ask another question on an exercise problem of Wenham? In Lesson
36 Exercise A-11, the sentence taken from Mat. 17:3 goes:


My questions are:

        1) If "WFQH"(Aor., Pass., Ind., 3rd, Sg., "hORAW", "I see") can
be translated as "appear", as in NASB ("Moses and Elijah appeared to
them") or in NRS ("there appeared to them, Moses and Elijah"), why is it
in the singular, not plural?
        2) Or, are these translation for the convenience' sake and the
subject is still Jesus?
        3) If so, is it possible to translate it as "And he ((or) it)
was seen to/by them that Moses and Elijah was talking with him?"

I have already consulted Wallace' GGBB at p.165. These may be of the
FAQ. If so, point out the place the answers or threads are stored,
please. I will visit it and retreive them. By the way, I am not asking
these questions to know the answers for my assignments. Please do not
worry, professors (^^)!


Hirokatsu Yoshihara <hiro-likeluke@mbd.nifty.com>
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines
November 19, 2001 (Mon.) 01:02 +08:00

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