[b-greek] Re: Enoch Greek Text, M. Black

From: Penner (pennerkm@mcmaster.ca)
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 16:44:03 EST

> > Does anyone know how much of the Greek text of 1Enoch is
> > published in Black, Matthew, Apocalypsis Henochi Graece (PVTG 3),
Leiden 1970?

i-xxxii.6 (Codex Panopolitanus); lxxxix.42-49 (Codex Vaticanus Gr.
1809); xcvii.6-cvii (Chester Beatty-Michigan).

The fathers' fragments which are not covered in the above list are
liv.6; lxvii.6-7; lxxii-lxxxii; lxxxix.50; lxxxix.56.

BTW, just today I received volume 1 of Nickelsburg's commentary on 1

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