[b-greek] Galatians 2:1

From: Keith Thompson (KAT@kneptune.demon.co.uk)
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 12:42:49 EST

  I see my question has generated a bit of interest, but I'm still
confused and left without an answer. (B-Greek has been very helpful but
sometimes I find people answer questions I haven't asked and don't
answer the questions I ask.)
  If Paul had wanted to say 'during/throughout fourteen years' how would
he have written it? I would expect exactly what's written in Galatians
2:1. And I'm still not sure whether this form is always an idiom meaning
'after' or sometimes literally means 'during' or 'throughout'.
  Thanks again for any help.

Keith Thompson (Manchester, UK)
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Keith Thompson

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