[b-greek] Downloadable NT

From: Wayne Leman (wayne_leman@sil.org)
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 11:18:24 EST

Hello Warren,

There are two NA26 downloads available on the Biola website. I have
downloaded both. One is in Roman script. The other is the one you
downloaded, which has Unicode. Glad it worked nicely for you.

Wayne Leman
Bible Translation discussion list:

> >The "NA26" download is labeled UBS3 when you receive it. It turns out
> >to be in transliterated Roman script rather than the Greek alphabet.
> How so? I downloaded it, extracted the zip file, and converted that
> via unicode into Word. Viola, the whole Greek text, with accents,
> sans caps, sectioned off into ch and vs.
> Maybe you should try again. I was really quite grateful for your tip.
> BTW, I was also grateful to whoever signed me up for the translation
> list. Was that you? I've met some wonderful folks, including a
> paramedic minister from my hometown in South Central Va.
> Warren Fulton
> Inlingua School of Languages
> Vienna, Austria

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