[b-greek] Re: Beware blank e-mails

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 12:45:53 EST

Of course this hasn't come through B-Greek at all--and won't without facing
moderation; Bill Klein is not a list-member and the list will not accept
messages from non-list-members. Note that the "Re:" precedes the bracketed
"[b-greek]" meaning that the message was NOT distributed by our server. In
fact this appears, Maurice, to be based upon your own response under that
subject-header to a message of Jonathan Robie on July 12 of the summer just
past. I have seen references on B-Translation to the virus being sent out
from that address, however. And although we do get too many virus hoax
notices, it's best to be on one's guard against them.

At 4:09 PM +0000 11/29/01, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:
>I have just received a blank e-mail, with the subject line:
>Re: [b-greek] Re: PERIERGA in Acts 19:19
>on which the sender's name is given as:
>"Bill Klein" <_williamgklein@earthlink.net>
>Even before my anti-virus identified the presence of the Badtrans worm in
>this message, the combination of:
>a blank message
>and the underscore before the sender's ( correct ) e-mail address
>tipped me off as to the dangerous nature of this virus/worm, which has just
>been uprated by the various anti-virus program makers from "moderate" to "
>When I say " sender ", I of course am not implying that Bill is the
>malicious originator, just that his address book, probably on an un-patched
>version of Microsoft Outlook, is serving as the vehicle for passing on (
>unknown to him ) the worm which came with the virus. In his case, it comes
>The various anti-virus web-sites are carrying full details of this
>"internet worm", and instructions on how to deal with it; I can recommend:
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