Re: [b-greek] New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek NT

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 18:43:18 EST

At 11:22 AM 11/30/2001 -0800, B. D. Colt wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>In a recent visit to, a recommendation&nbsp; they made was <br>
&quot;New Linguistic and Exegetical key to the Greek New Testament,&quot; Fritz <br>
Rienecker, Cleon L. Rogers, Jr., and Cleon L. Rogers III.&nbsp; Several <br>
reviewers recommended it, although a couple of them commented on <br>
errors, and one complained that the translators had made some of the <br>
comments on&nbsp; meaning &quot;too Baptist.&quot;&nbsp; <br><br>
I should like to have the advice of list members concerning this.&nbsp; I <br>
already have Zerwick and Grosvenor.&nbsp; The price is reasonable, so my <br>
concern is only with the usefulness of the book.&nbsp; If it clarifies obscure <br>
grammatical points and idiomatic features, it would probably be <br>
valuable to me.</blockquote><br>
The New Linguistic and Exegetical key is definitely a useful book, with a very similar purpose to Zerwick and Grosvenor, but a very different slant. It goes *way* beyond the original Linguistic Key, and it references a lot of literature for further reference.<br><br>
I find that I use Zerwick and Grosvenor a lot more. Part of this is just the physical sizes of the two books, but I think that I also appreciate the fact that Zerwick and Grosvenor have a different take on things than I grew up with. With the New Linguistic and Exegetical key, I often feel that the interpretation is what I would have expected. At any rate, I generally like to have a heterogeneous set of reference works, and perhaps someone who grew up in a different tradition would feel the same way about Rienecker and Rogers2 that I do about Zerwick and Grosvenor.<br><br>

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