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>B-Greek members, My friend is doing a term paper over Ephesisans being
>circular letter. The UBS GNT supports this by giving "EV EFESW" a C
>reading. Could you assist him in offering some scholarly sources for this
> Thanks, Justin Note:
we need a full name here.
This points up the dificulty of the use of brackets in the early editions of
the UBS GNT. I do not have the latest edition at home but the 1st. It is
difficult to tell whether the omission is given the C rating (in which case
it would support the circular theory) or the presence of EN EFESWi is given
the C rating (seems so in the footnote). In either case the omission
supported by P46, Aleph, and B was seen as very weighty by the UBS committee
(check how many readings they chose because of this group of witnesses).
When combined with the internal consideration of why a scribe would have
removed it if it were original then I am surprized that they did not omit it
completely. If it were not in it is easy to see why someone from Ephesus
would have included it. Some disagree but I think the text reads quite
smoothly without it.

also faithful in Christ Jesus" It is only speculation that there might have
been a blank left in the original text. I have seen no evidence for such a
practice in antiquity. Consideration has to be given to the popular theory of
non-Pauline authorship. There are some significant non-Pauline
characteristics in Ephesians, but that is for another list.

Carlton Winbery
Louisiana College

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