[b-greek] Meet 1century Greek

From: Randall Buth (ButhFam@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 19:58:23 EST


With discussions over the past week and even the past years, it
seems appropriate to me to present a couple of ancient texts. The
writers of these texts can serve as ancient witnesses to the living
language, transported, as it were into our very midst. Their style of
speaking and thinking will come across clearly enough so that we
will almost hear them speaking.
I've chosen two short letters as introductory texts and will send them
out as separate emails.

Meet 1c Greek, Egypt
Meet 1c Greek, Israel

If things were really ideal, I would follow Carl's lead and invite
people over to dip some pita into some cHoumous (cf. Rut 2.14),
and sample some tsatziki and mousaka, washed down with retsina.
In any case, for those who would enjoy meeting a couple of people
from the ancient Koine world, watch for the following emails.


Randall Buth, PhD
Director, Biblical Hebrew Ulpan
and Lecturer,
Rothberg International School
Hebrew University

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