[b-greek] Re: 1 Thess 5:10 - answering my own question

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 07:26:34 EST

At 11:23 PM -0600 2/2/02, Steven Lo Vullo wrote:
>On Saturday, February 2, 2002, at 10:05 PM, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>> I think your interpretation fits well to 5:4, which seems to be
>> the point Paul was trying to make. Paul has three statements to make:
>> (1) Lord will come as a thief at night. (5:2)
>> (2) The unbelievers would not escape the judgement that comes a
>> a thief at night. (5:3)
>> (3) While Lord comes as a thief at night, the believers do not
>> need to worry about it; the day would not seize them as a thief.
>> (5:4)
>> But you bothers are not in darkness so as for the day to seize you
>> as a thief.
>> 5:10, according to your interpretation, also encourages the believers
>> not to worry about the sudden coming of the Lord. Emphasizing
>> that BOTH the dead AND the living believers would be raised would be
>> out of the context at hand, it seems.
>Am I the only one, or does it seem just a little odd that the
>Thessalonians, after being told that being DEAD would not prevent them
>from participation in the day of the Lord (4.13-18), must additionally
>be assured that simply being ASLEEP would not cause them to lose out? In
>4.13, 17 Paul makes clear that simply being ALIVE and REMAINING until
>the PAROUSIA assured the Thessalonians of participation (hHMEIS hOI
>ZWNTES hOI PERILEIPOMENOI, used in both verses). Do they, in addition,
>really need to be told that being literally asleep would not cause them
>to miss the PAROUSIA? Come, now. This stretches credulity.

For what it's worth, Steve, I agree with you wholeheartedly and I think
your logic is sound.

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