[b-greek] Read or Study

From: Frazier Conley (fconley@airmail.net)
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 15:44:56 EST

gfsomsel said:
>The thing that I would suggest should be avoided is TO

My cent and a half:

I am opposed to discouraging anyone from learning any amount of Greek
whatsoever, however little. If all someone can do is look up words in a
lexicon he is far more likely to get a definition right than someone who
cannot. Yes sometimes folks make assertions beyond their level of expertise,
but more ignorance is hardly going to help that--more learning might. In the
meantime, those of us who periodically darken counsel without knowledge will
give those who are truly knowledgeable something to do.

Frazier Conley
Greek Diletante
Whitewright, TX

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