[b-greek] Re: Read or Study?

From: Holly Vipond (hvipond@briercrest.ca)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 12:24:06 EST

>Second, I purchased a volume containing books v-vii by Loeb Classical
>which contains both the greek and an english translating. It would be kind
of like
>cheating, but I could cover considerable ground by 'peeking' over at the
facing page.

I find that it's really difficult not to cheat, even if you do cover up the
english side with a piece of paper first. If you read any other languages, I
would recommend finding a book with the greek/other language parallel
instead of english. When I first started learning Latin someone gave me a
Greek-Latin New Testament and it's been extremely helpful: when I stumble on
a Latin phrase, I look at the Greek, and vice versa, and between the two I
can figure out what it's saying. I find this much more helpful and
challenging than cheating with English... although probably impractical if
you're looking for books that use the desired languages...

my two cents :)

Holly Vipond

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