[b-greek] Re: b-greek digest: February 04, 2002

From: Keith Saare (Talmid512@cs.com)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 14:21:16 EST

Thanks for the welcomed advice.

Mood Bible Institute isn't the only school in which the students are not
taught to think for themselves. I've observed the same behavior at Howard
Payne University, even from the faculty members!

Hearing about the enourmous dropout rate in Hebrew classes doesn't
surprise me. I've been pretty upset by the way pastors and Bible
professors are ignorant toward learnng biblical languages. None of my NT
professors knew Greek and none of my OT professos knew Hebrew. This is
tantamount to a chemistry teacher not knowing the periodic table of the
elements or an engineer not knowing how to use his calculator! Why do
Christian leaders somehow feel they can get away without knowing biblical
languages? This is a very sad story.

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