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From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 07:57:40 EST

At 11:20 PM -0500 2/5/02, Rbsads@aol.com wrote:

I've altered "hEUROV" to "hEURON"
>Reading from several translations, the verse is evidently best rendered as
>"but they found none, though many false witnesses came forward."
>That translation would seem to interpret PROSELQONTWN as a concessive
>participle and YEUDOMARTURWN as a participle of purpose.
>It seems however easier to read YEUDOMARTURWN as a genitive direct object,
>with PROSELQONTWN as an adjectival participle.
>"but they did not find many false witness who were coming forward."

I really don't think this will work; (1) although there are verbs of
perception (AISQANOMAI, AKOUW) that take a genitive object and even the
indirect-discourse type of construction with a participial predicate, I
don't find any indication that hEURISKW ever took a genitive object; (2)
hEURISKW will take acc. & ptc. in an indirect-discourse type of

2. c. part., find that . . , "heuriske Lakedaimonious . . proechontas"
Hdt.1.56 , cf. 1.5:--and in Pass., "ên heurethêis mê dikaios ôn" S.Tr.411 ,
cf. OT839, OC946: with part. omitted, hotan tous theous heurô kakous (sc.
ontas) Id.Ph.452; heurêsei tosauta etê (sc. onta) Th.5.26; thêlus heurêmai
(sc. ôn) S.Tr.1075; "anous hêurethê" Id.Aj.763 .

but that's not what we have here.

>This reading seems also, at least to me, to fit better with the next verse,
>"then, afterwards, two came forward and said,"
>The latter reading would give the sense that it was difficult for the chief
>priests to find anyone to witness against Jesus falsely, rather than the KJV
>interpretation that many false witnesses were found, but none who could give
>the false witness needed to put Jesus to death.
>Can hEURISKW take a genitive direct object?

See above.

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