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From: c stirling bartholomew (cc.constantine@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 05:15:16 EST

Apparently the main point of my post wasn't perfectly clear to some folks
because I took kind of a round about way of getting to the point. I use a
lot of analogies and when Iver or anyone else tries to convert my analogies
into syllogisms they do not work as syllogisms since they were never
intended to.

Anyway, Lets illustrate the point from 1Enoch 20:7 (and context) :

20:1 Aggeloi twn dunamewn. 20:2 Ourihl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi tou
kosmou kai tou tartarou. 20:3 Rafahl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi twn
pneumatwn twn anqrwpwn. 20:4 Ragouhl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o ekdikwn ton
kosmon twn fwsthrwn. 20: Micahl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi twn tou laou
agaqwn tetagmenos kai epi tw caw. 20:6 Sarihl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi
twn pneumatwn oitines epi tw pneumati amartanousin. 20:7 Gabrihl, o eis twn
agiwn aggelwn o epi tou paradeisou kai twn drakontwn kai ceroubein. 20:8
Remihl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn on etaxen o qeos epi twn anistamenwn.
Onomata z arcaggelwn.

Take a look a 20:7. What is a dragon/serpent doing here? DRAKON is a very
well known word but it doesn't fit in this context next to CEROUBEIN
(Cherubim). So what does Matthew Black* have to say about this? Well he
isn't real please with trying to fit a dragon into this context but the
textual evidence doesn't give him much choice the dragon is there. If the
word had be OFEIS things would have been easier, but the word is DRAKON.

M. Black solves the problem by not solving the problem. This is ok in a
commentary on 1Enoch intended for use by scholars. Black's translation

" . . . serpents (Seraphim?) and the Cherubim. "

This is an extreme example of a common problem.



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*The Book of Enoch, or, I Enoch : a new English edition with commentary and
textual notes by Matthew Black; in consultation with James C. Vanderkam.
With an appendix on the 'Astronomical' chapters (72-82) by Otto Neugebauer"
Includes indexes. Leiden : E.J. Brill, 1985_ ISBN: 9004071008

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