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From: Brent Hudson (brent@riveroflifembchurch.com)
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 06:53:01 EST

I would suggest getting Mounce's Analytical Lexicon (which is keyed to his Morphology so you can use it as a bridge to learning advanced morphology later in your studies). Also check out Zerwick and Grosvener's little book of grammatical aids. It not only parses difficult forms but gives you help with some difficult grammatical constructions and is keyed to a grammar. I had Han and found it virtually useless. It made mistakes and left out words.

If you really want to advance in Greek and guard against a handicap in parsing (which can be an unfortunate side-effect of using such tools), I suggest you buy Mounce's Morphology of Biblical Greek. If you use it inductively, you will learn to master parsing as you are reading the New Testament. MBG contains a complete list of NT words in the index, you simply look up the word to find its morphological catagory code and then read an explanation and example of its form. This not only allows you to parse the specific form accurately, it enables you to identify other words formed like it. The biggest problem with analyticals and parsing guides is they don't address what I call the "huh?" factor. Just knowing what a form is doesn't help the student understand it or recognize similar words later. It is slower going at first but after a bit of use you will be using it less and less and you will understand how to identify forms with greater accuracy and confidence. In the end, your increased knowledge of mor
phology will enable you to get beyond parsing words to noticing larger linguistic units.

Brent Hudson

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On 07/02/2002 Steve Bricker wrote:

>Hello all,
>As a Greek beginner, I was recommended the book _A Parsing Guide to the
>Greek New Testament_ by Han. I found a used one on eBay and was looking
>input on its usefulness.
>Steve Bricker
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