[b-greek] BDAG in LDLS format

From: Michael McAllister (mcallister.m@att.net)
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 12:37:02 EST


I attach the following notice of the production of BDAG in Logos
format for informational purposes. This is being done with the
permission of the b-greek moderators.

Please also note that other than using Logos products, I am in no
way associated with the company, and derive no benefit from
forwarding on this announcement.


Mike McAllister

The brand new Third Edition (BDAG) is now in pre-pub production!

A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early
Christian Literature Third Edition (BDAG)
Bauer, Walter - Edited and revised by Frederick William Danker.
Hardcover suggested list price -- $125
Logos suggested list price -- $125
Pre-publication price -- $99.95

This is the latest edition, the most current work available and we are
so confident that enough people will purchase this highly anticipated
reference work that we are pleased to announce it is going into
production immediately!

You better hurry and get in on the pre-pub price now because we are
already in production!

In this edition, Frederick W. Danker's broad knowledge of Greco-
Roman literature, as well as papyri and epigraphs, provides a more
panoramic view of the world of Jesus and the New Testament.
Danker has also introduced more consistent mode of reference
citation, and has provided a composite list of abbreviations to
facilitate easy access to this wealth of information. Perhaps the
single most important lexical innovation of Danker's edition is its
inclusion of extended definitions for Greek terms.

For instance, a key meaning of "episkopos" was defined in the
second American edition as overseer; Danker defines it as "one who
has the responsibility of safeguarding or seeing to it that something
is done in the correct way, guardian." Such extended definitions give
a fuller sense of the word in question, which will help avoid both
anachronisms and confusion among users of the lexicon who may
not be native speakers of English.

Danker's edition of Bauer's Wörterbuch will be an indispensable
guide for biblical and classical scholars, ministers, seminarians,
and translators.

We believe the Libronix edition will be the most valuable and useful
edition of this monumental work available in any format whether print
or electronic. The Libronix edition will instantly link to the thousands
of additional reference works in the Libronix Digital Library System
multiplying the usefulness of this fine work. We are beginning work
on this project immediately. While it is too early to estimate a
completion date at this time, we feel it is safe to say the project will
be complete in less than 120 days. You can order this book today at
the special pre-pub price of $99.95.
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