[b-greek] 1En 23:5 EKDIWKW/RDP

From: c stirling bartholomew (cc.constantine@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 18:33:10 EST

M. Black* with reference to J. Milik** suggests what might seem to be a
dubious reading in the vorlage of 1Enoch underlying the G (greek text of
1Enoch). Where 1En 23:5*** reads EKDIWKW, M. Black suggests it translates
RDP (Heb/Aram?). Black translates EKDIWKW "to tend" i.e., to follow after
with the intention of taking care of someone/something, as in tending sheep.
This gives EKDIWKW a positive sense.

There are several problems with this suggestion.

Only once in the LXX does EKDIWKW render RDP (Psalms 119:157).

I could find no examples of EKDIWKW used with a positive sense in the LXX.

When RDP is used with a positive sense (e.g., Psalm 23:6) it is translated
by KATADIWKW not EKDIWKW. The positive sense of both RDP and KATADIWKW are
relatively rare.

I could find no positive sense of RDP used in the DSS secular texts.
(perhaps I missed one?)

I think the retroversion here is pretty shaky. Cannot say if RDP is really
the best term to suggest for the 1Enoch vorlage. Even if it is, it adds
little weight to the positive rendering of EKDIWKW.

So the evidence for a positive sense ("tend") for EKDIWKW in 1En 23:5 (c.f
1En 24:4) is based entirely on the context*** and finds virtually no support
from attested usage EKDIWKW outside of 1Enoch.

Having said all this, I think that M.Black is correct to give EKDIWKW a
positive sense (i.e., follow after as in tending sheep) even against all the
evidence to the contrary. Why is he correct? The context 1En 23:5 (c.f 1En
24:4) demands a positive sense.

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

**Milik, J.T. The Books of Enoch, Oxford 1976.

*The Book of Enoch, or, I Enoch : a new English edition with commentary and
textual notes by Matthew Black; in consultation with James C. Vanderkam.
With an appendix on the 'Astronomical' chapters (72-82) by Otto Neugebauer"
Includes indexes. Leiden : E.J. Brill, 1985_ ISBN: 9004071008

***IEn 23

23:1 Kakeiqen efwdeusa eis allon topon pros dusmas twn peratwn ths ghs. 23:2
kai eqeasamhn pur diatrecon kai ouk anapauomenon oude elleipon tou dromou.
hmeras kai nuktos ama diamenon. 23:3 kai hrwthsa legwn Ti estin to mh econ
anapausin: 23:4 tote apekriqh moi Ragouhl, o eis twn aggelwn os met emou hn,
23:5 Outos o dromos to puros to pros dusmas pur to ekdiwkon estin pantas
tous fwsteras tou ouranou.

1En 20 (note: in 20:4 M. Black reads EKDIWKW for EKDIKW)

20:1 Aggeloi twn dunamewn. 20:2 Ourihl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi tou
kosmou kai tou tartarou. 20:3 Rafahl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi twn
pneumatwn twn anqrwpwn. 20:4 Ragouhl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o ekdikwn ton
kosmon twn fwsthrwn. 20: Micahl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi twn tou laou
agaqwn tetagmenos kai epi tw caw. 20:6 Sarihl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn o epi
twn pneumatwn oitines epi tw pneumati amartanousin. 20:7 Gabrihl, o eis twn
agiwn aggelwn o epi tou paradeisou kai twn drakontwn kai ceroubein. 20:8
Remihl, o eis twn agiwn aggelwn on etaxen o qeos epi twn anistamenwn.
Onomata z arcaggelwn.

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