[b-greek] Re: FW: AFIHMI and APAIRW

From: Glenn Blank (glennblank@earthlink.net)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 01:34:00 EST


AFIHMI has the basic meaning of "to leave" something or someone (e.g. Mt
26.44). Hence, it is used of leaving behind possessions and family
relationships (Mt 19.29), of disregarding someone (Mt. 15.14), and of
discontinuing the discussion of some topic (Heb 6.1) or neglecting a matter
(Mt. 23.23). By extension, then, it is used of letting go of a debt by not
demanding payment (Mt. 18.32), and so in reference to hAMARTIAS, means to

APAIRW, or AFAIRW, (from APO - AIRW "to remove from") on the other hand, is
to "take away." Mt. 9.15 - the bridegroom is taken away so the he is no
longer present; Rev. 22.19 - a warning against taking words away from the
book, lest one's inheritance in the city be taken away; Mt. 25.28 (here not
APAIRW, but AIRW . . . APO) - of taking a sum of money away from someone.

So I would surmise that when APAIRW is used of hAMARTIAS, it indicates
removing sin rather than simply forgoing taking it into account. Perhaps
indicating "purging"? - notice KAQARIZW in the Heb 4 context (verse 2), in
contrast to the context of AFIHMI in Rom 4.7, where LOGIZOMAI (to "take into
account," as on a ledger) occurs (verse 8).

glenn blank
Pensacola FL

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>What is the connotative difference between AFIHMI and APAIRW? Can they be
>used synonymously?
>Specifically, could one translate Hebrews 10:4 as follows: "for (there is)
>no power in the blood of bulls and goats to forgive sin?" Please focus
>primarily upon the word "APAIRW" and if it could be translated, "forgive."

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