[b-greek] Greek Grammars and AGAPH

From: Kjvonly16@aol.com
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 22:10:23 EST

       I am new to this list, so bear with me. I am currenlty studying Koine
Greek on my own (I am currently a Senior in a Christian High School). I was
wondering if any of you could give me some "tid-bits" as concernig the some
Greek Grammars and Lexicons. I have Mounce's first Grammar, and also a
Graded Reader. I was close to buying Machien's grammar but decided not too
(though I may in the near future). I also have a Greek concordance of the
New Testament, and also Zodiahates Interlinear English/Greek New Testament
(which uses the H KAINH DIAQHKH). Anyway, I will be entering College next
year Lord willing and would appreciate some help in the study of Koine.
       Also, on a more relevant level, do you beleive that AGAPH and
FILEW are two majorly different words. I have read some on both sides: some say no
(Gipp) and others say yes. I personally do think there is quite a
difference, but I think some people do take it to the extreme.

in Christ,
Jonathan B. Ferguson

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