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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 19:56:51 EST

Do any of you have any comments on this post below? It was written in
defense of KJV only. IF this is too off topic for the list please fill
free to e-mail me privately at: glensmail@juno.com

Thank you in advance,
Glen Naftaniel

Let's get to the roots.
Let's bypass the KJV, NIV, NASV, etc.
The Textus Receptus (TR), Majority, and Schrivner text (Schrivner
reconstructed the greek text behind the KJV in 1894) differ in less
than 300 verses. The USB and Nestle Aland (NA) are sort of close.
Let's go past the these greek texts and go right to the greek
manuscripts themselves.
Compare the Nestle Aland (NA) greek text and the Majority Greek Text.
These 2 Greek texts differ 5300 times, affecting many bible doctrines.
That's why you'll find that the NIV and NASV omit 'Lord' or 'Jesus' or
'Christ', when it appears in the KJV. The NASV omits them 156 times,
while the NIV omits them 115 times.
Dr Jack Moorman looked at 356 bible passages chosen so that 'emphasis is
upon those that affect the Person and Work of Christ.' He did so, not by
looking it up in the NA text or the TR text or any other Greek Text.
Rather, he went right to the manuscripts themselves.
Each manuscript is given a label. 1 might be called: 'a', another 'p23'.
The manuscripts are generally divided into 12 broad categories: papyri,
old uncials(1), old uncials(2), 'alphabet' and 'o' uncials, cursives,
families one and thirteen, old Latin, Jeromes Vulgate, Syriac, Coptic,
Gothic and Armenian and Etheopic, Fathers to Chrisostom.
Here is the 'manuscript digest' 1 of the 356 verses about 'Jesus',
compiled by Dr Jack Moormon.
Matthew 18:11
The manuscripts behind the KJV say:
'For the son of man is coe to save that which is lost'
The manuscripts behind the NIV say:
'---' (They leave it out!)
1. Manuscripts supporting the KJV
A E F G H I K L -c M N S U V W X Y
Theta-c Sigma Phi mega
Cursives: MAJORITY
Old Latin: a aur b (c) d f ff2
g1 l n q r1,2 Vulg
Syr: pesh cur harc Cop: bo-pt
Arm Eth
Also extant in 0? 047 055 0211 0233? 0248?
2. Manuscripts supporting the NIV
Aleph B L* Theta*
pc fam 1,13
a ff1
sin pal sa bo-pt mae
Well, I count 46 to 13. The KJV wins.

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