[b-greek] Re: PRWTON in Rom 1.16

From: Steven Lo Vullo (slovullo@mac.com)
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 22:01:43 EST

on 2/18/02 12:37 PM, Moon-Ryul Jung at moon@sogang.ac.kr wrote:

> [Carl]
>> I think if DUNAMAI is changed back to DUNAMIS in the transcription to match
>> the text of Paul, the problem ought to resolve itself: DUNAMIS GAR QEOU
>> I've always understood DUNAMIS QEOU as the predicate noun for the
>> understood carried-forward subject TO EUAGGELION: "It (the gospel) is God's
>> power/possibility for salvation (open) to everyone who believes, both to
>> Jewish (believing one) in the first place and no less to Greek (believing
>> one)." PRWTON is adverbial to the dative IOUDAIWi. If there's an ellipsis
>> at all, it's simply the want of an explicit subject because TO EUAGGELION
>> is understood as carried forward from the preceding sentence. If there's
>> anything at all a bit extraordinary here, perhaps it is the qualification
>> of IOUDAIWi by the adverb PRWTON within a phrase so tightly linking
> How can an adverb modify a noun? Adverbials modify verbs or adjectives,
> but not nouns, as far as I know.
> If we translate the verse as: The gospel is the power of God for
> salvation to all who believe, first to the Jews, also to the Gentiles,
> we can think of "first" as an adverb further modifying the
> sentence "the gospel is the power of God for salvation".


That is one of the options I was considering last night. However, if PRWTON
modifies (or is understood as modifying) the original sentence, it would
equally apply to hELLHNI ("to both the Jew and the Greek first"), which it
clearly does not. This is why I think the sentence is implied again both
with IOUDAIWi ... PRWTON and hELLHNI, which in each instance replace PANTI
TWi PISTEUONTI as subsets.

Steven Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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