[b-greek] Re: PRWTON in Rom 1.16

From: Alan B. Thomas (a_b_thomas@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 16:55:15 EST

Iver wrote...

> > > PRWTON then modifies the underlying semantic
> verb SWiZW from
> > SWTHRIAN, not
> > > the whole sentence. The Jews are first in line
> to be saved.

This thread has been somewhat of a surprise.

I think it would be a bit odd to take IOUDAIWi as an
adverb here, modifying some verbal element.
Grammatically, I think you simply must have an

I think Iver is right that PRWTON modifies the
verbal element inherent in EIS SWTHRIAN.

Yielding this in some sense:

It is the power of God
   resulting in salvation
      first, to the Jew
      and then the Gentile
indeed, to all those who believe.

Is not the ADJECTIVE of IOUDIAOS Jew or Jewish.
The ADVERD of IOUDAI- is IOUDAIKWS, like a Jew.

How do we make grammatical sense out of "like a Jew?"

What am I overlooking?


Alan B. Thomas

"Unless God provides indisputable, verifiable evidence of His revelation to mankind,
 it must be rejected at all costs...."

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