[b-greek] Re: Putting B-Greek transcription scheme into a Greek font

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 09:09:48 EST

At 1:09 PM +0000 2/25/02, Jim Bewick wrote:
>One of the attractions of the B-Greek transcription
>scheme for me is not just its ability to be read in
>plain text e-mails, but also its ability to be
>searched by simple plain text database software, such
>as Treepad. This raises a question.
>If I have a simple text file containing a chunk of
>transcribed Greek, I can open it in the likes of
>Microsoft Word, use "Replace" for the likes of "h" or
>"i", highlight what remains and convert it into a
>Greek font. What I'm left with is upper case Greek,
>no breathings.
>Is it possible to do more than this? Is there any
>software that would run through the text and put it
>into lower case, add breathings, even accents?
>In other words, could one use B-Greek transcription in
>a database in the knowledge that it could fairly
>straightforwardly be rendered into a Greek font for
>presentation purposes? Has this been an issue for
>anyone else?

Good question. Yes, this is a virtue of the B-Greek transcription scheme,
but it is also the virtue of the older Beta code, which we have indicated
on the same chart along with our common b-greek convention; there's a nice
chart of equivalencies visible for beta code (if you have configured your
system to beta code) at:


For the Mac there's actually a little freeware program that will convert
beta code Greek into SMK Greek font (I don't have the details handy but
could hunt them up).

The only problem with that transformation scheme in MSWD you suggest is
that you'd have to make the changes individually for each character, and
that would be time consuming unless you've put it all together in some
macro program.

IF and WHEN "we" (ordinary users) get to the point where unicode is
available for common use on all computer platforms, it wil be nice to be
able to use it in e-mail, but "we" are not yet to that point.

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