[b-greek] NA 26/27 sigla and symbols

From: Rick Hubbard (rhubbard@midmaine.com)
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 09:39:46 EST

Perhaps list correspondents can help clarify some technical terminology
associated with the sigla used in NA26/27.

I understand that words or letters judged by the NA editors to be of
doubtful authenticity are enclosed in [ ]; these are properly called
"brackets." What the editors believe to be "insertions" are surrounded by
[[ ]; presumably these are called "double-brackets." There are, however,
other sigla that seem to have more obscure names.

What is the proper nomenclature for the following sigla?

[A] The characters that identify "alternative readings" (i.e., the symbols
that resemble the upper half of standard brackets, both the "single word"
and "multiple word" variants)?

[B] The sign used to indicate an "insertion" (it resembles a stylized "T").

[C] The indicator of "omissions" (either a small circle or small square

[D] The small characters that signify "transpositions" (are they

In addition, does any know of True Type font set that will properly
reproduce the "P" that precedes the ms. witnesses cited in NA AND the "M"
that indicates the Majority Text?


Rick Hubbard
Humble Maine Woodsman

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