[b-greek] Re: Matthew 28:19,20

From: CJ Armstrong (CJArmstrong@clcs-brea.com)
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 15:52:55 EST

Codices B and D may offer an alternative to a participle of manner, at least
in their variant for BAPTIZONTES. The aorist BAPTISANTES might offer a
couple of things to relieve us of the effort to nail down the order or times
when these things happen:
1. After MAQHTEUSATE this could be understood as an aorist participle of
identical action. This would suggest that the baptizing is not one of
several of the means of doing the "putting teaching into" or "making
disciples", or one manner as opposed to other manners of doing the same
thing, but is actually the doing itself. In other words, making disciples
is baptizing, and vice versa.
2. The present DIDASKONTES is continuative, and BAPTISANTES highlights the
different kind of action by the aorist tense (I thought Michael Nichols'
words on kind of action were helpful, but the aorist variant spells it out
for us).

BAPTISANTES has got a couple of things going for it textually in that NA
assigns B a position of "undisputed precedence", D agrees with B and
therefore should in NA's words carry "special weight", and it's a lectio
difficilior, throwing the participles out of balance. Interesting that they
didn't choose to use it as text.

--CJA (CJ Armstrong note that we ask for a full name signature - CLW)

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