[b-greek] Re: Matthew 28:19,20

From: Iver Larsen (iver_larsen@sil.org)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 02:52:19 EST

> I want to add one little suggestion; in my opinion a sequential reading of
> the aorist + present tense forms would more likely be signalled by an
> aorist participle and present infinitives: MAQHTEUSANTES BAPTIZETE ... KAI
> DIDASKETE--but that notion of "making disciples" as a prior condition to
> baptizing and teaching is not what I think the text indicates. I would
> understand the sequence we're actually offered as (1) go forth
> and (2) turn
> all nations into disciples (aor: get it done, however long it takes), (3)
> baptizing and teaching (in the process of turning them into disciples).
> --
> Carl W. Conrad

Just to say that I would support Carl on this understanding, and it agrees
with what I was trying to say about the underlying Hebrew thought pattern as
expressed in Greek. The words "in the process of" are important.

I also want to thank Chuck for a good example of a) build a house (main task
with focus on final result). This task involves among other things beginning
with a1) laying a foundation and ending with a2) constructing a roof.

One could have made explicit more sub-points which are implicit, e.g.
a1) go out and locate a plot - corresponding to "go and proclaim the Gospel
to people
a2) acquire the plot - people confess their belief in the Gospel
a3) lay the foundation - baptizing the people
a4) building walls and roofs - teaching them

The important point in Hebrew thinking which may not have been clear in my
posting, is that a1) is not sequentially ordered after a), it is a detail
within a). If more than one detail of the process are listed, then the order
in which these details are presented follow the order in which they happen,
unless clearly marked otherwise.

Iver Larsen

PS. I am afraid I do not agree with Carl and Steven on the Romans issues,
but that is because we have a different understanding of the function of
word order in Greek. I won't take time to enter into a discussion of those
issues now.

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