[b-greek] Re: Self-contained Greek workbook

From: Bryan Green (bryan@greensw.com)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 02:08:33 EST

At 13:17 -0500 3/5/02, Mark Wessner wrote:

>I am trying to track down a self-contained NT Greek textbook or workbook
>that can be effectively used for teaching the language in a
>church/community setting. I simply want to teach them the very basics of
>the language - I am not preparing them for further study (and I don't have
>the time to create my own material!).
>Does anybody have any suggestions?
>(PS. I am looking for a Biblical Hebrew equivalent as well)

Ah! Finally a circumstance for a beginner to contribute to the list!

For me, I decided to start with Classical Greek in order to
understand the context of Koine Greek. (Would that be Attic Greek?
The purist scholars on the list can correct me, I am sure.) I tried
for years to use the standard texts from former centuries (such as
Machen, which I am sad to say, is still just beyond my intellectual
capacity). After much review of the extant material, I finally
settled on "Athenaze Book I" by Balme and Lawall. It's very well
organized and easy to use, and entirely approachable. Here is a link
to the book on Amazon:


Its ISBN is 0-19-505621-3.

There is second book in the series, Athenaze Book II. For some
reason, it doesn't appear on Amazon when you search for it by name,
but here is the link just the same:


Its ISBN is 0-19-505622-1.

There are teacher's handbooks available for both books, which is
always nice for the teacher. After I bought mine from Amazon, I was
annoyed to see them on sale at my local Borders Books for
significantly less than I paid, so it's well worth looking around for
a good price -- Amazon may not the best.

As for Biblical Hebrew, I have been incredibly satisfied with "The
First Hebrew Primer, Third Edition" by Simon, Resnikoff and Mitzkin.
It is aimed at the adult learner. At the end of the text the student
reads the book of Ruth, which is very nice! Here is its entry on


Its ISBN is 0-939144-15-8. It has a teacher's manual also. And, of
course, look around for a good price as Amazon doesn't even stock it
very well.

So, happily, those are my recommendations!

-- bag

Bryan Green
Fan of texts in their original language, in context
Sunnyvale, California

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