[b-greek] RE: Jesus' Corpse

From: Awohili@aol.com
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 15:08:52 EST

Originally, "corpse" referred to any body, whether living or dead (Webster's 10th). The Vulgate uses the Latin word "corpus" (body) at both Mark 15:43, where the Greek text has SWMA ("body") and at Mark 15:45, where the Greek text has PTWMA ("corpse"). It is possible that Tyndale (1535) and the KJV (1611) follow the style of the Vulgate and translate "body" in both verses.

However, the Latin word "corpus" is also the source of the English word "corpse," which today generally refers to a "dead body."

Interestingly, the English Standard Version (ESV, 2001) translates PTWMA as "corpse" at Mark 15:45, one of several modern versions which do so.

Solomon Landers

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