[b-greek] Re: EIS in Acts 2:39

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Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 18:37:37 EST

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Does MAKRAN ever occur in any other form? I know it does not in the GNT, but
it may do so in other Hellenistic texts. I can see that it may have derived
from an adjective with an implied feminine word such as hODOS.
Because it seemed to be a fixed form, I took it as an indeclinable adverb,
not a feminine adjective, but I think you are right that if there was an
implied word it ought to be a feminine noun.

A search of Perseus' Greek (& Roman) texts yields 183 occurences of MAKRAN
including 12 NT passages. As you undoubtedly know it is the f. acc. of
MAKROS, so I'm not sure what you are asking.


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