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     I was wondering what any of you might offer on the word "asthenema"
as used and Romans 15:1 and generally. I see that it is translated
variously, but most interestingly to me as "scruples." I also see that
Strong's lists "a scruple of conscience" as one definition, but I wonder if
that definition is true of the word generally. I can understand from the
context why one might use the word "scruples," but I am a bit perplexed how
this relates to the sense of weakness, literally, particularly since
"scruples" and "conscience" tend not be be used as a reflection of weakness
generally. Was it so in the context of the scriptural culture? I would
appreciate any input. Thankyou once again for your time.


Perseus' LSJ entry has "weakness, ailment Arist. GA726a15, Gp.1.12.27(pl);
weakness of conscience, Ep.Rom. 15.1 (pl.)."

Who Arist. might be I don't know (Aristophanes is listed as Aristoph., and
Aristotle is listed as Aristot.). Not too much to go on here.


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