[b-greek] Off Topic: Text book request

From: Percer, Leo (Leo_Percer@baylor.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 09:28:09 EST

First, let me apologize for what is no doubt an off topic request. I
realize that this list is designated for discussions of the Greek New
Testament, and I have been enriched by the conversations I have
"listened" to on here. With that in mind, let me say that I would
appreciate responses to this e-mail to be sent to me privately rather
than to the list. Now, here is my need: I am currently involved in
teaching basic Bible Survey and New Testament Survey classes. I have
been using textbooks by Stephen L. Harris, and while they are beneficial
in their own way, I would like to find some new material. Here is my
request: Please send me the titles and authors of texts you would
recommend for a freshman or introduction level course regarding an
introduction to the Bible or to the New Testament in particular. Thank
you in advance for your help!


Leo Percer
Baylor University
Waco, TX
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