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Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 20:35:59 EST

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You mentioned Logos. That's a $600 program. I would gladly pay it if it
would be a genuine help with original languages. I have Quickverse 7 which
has a few helps that come in handy but kind of awkward. Partly I have not
mastered it yet, but I suspect that it doesn't do the "real thing". I don't
have anyway to try Logos, no one who has it to talk to etc. I would
appreciate hearing a users opinion and briefly what you accomplish with it.

I don't work for Logos and get nothing from any recommendations which I may
make, but I must state that Logos is not a $600 program. The program itself
is free. It is the books which cost $. Whether or not this is $600 depends
upon what you decide to purchase.

You can purchase the Original Languages Library for $399.95. This has many
things which I do not have and have no particular desire to possess (such as
Strong's Lexicon). It also has some things which I do not have and would
like to possess (such as the unabridged TDNT). It has pretty much everything
you would probably find useful (considering your stated objectives) for both
Hebrew and Greek.

You can also purchase books a la carte. This could be cheaper - at least in
the near term. Here is a list of books and prices (sometimes discounts are
available - particularly around Christmas)

Whittaker. Abridged Brown - Driver - Briggs Hebrew Lexicon FREE
Van der Merwe Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar $39.95
Swanson. Dict. of Bib. Langs. With Semantic Domains - Aramaic $14.95
Swanson. Dict. of Bib. Langs. With Semantic Domains - Hebrew $39.95
Louw-Nida Gk-Eng. Lex of the NT based on Semantic Domains $39.95
Liddell-Scott Intermediate Gk-Eng. Lex $34.95
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (morph) $99.95
Nestle-Aland 26/27th ed. (morph) $99.95

3rd party
Wallace. Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics $39.95

If you were to purchase all of these it would cost about what the collection
would cost. You would then have the Wallace grammar but would NOT HAVE other
items you might wish (including some English Bibles, Rahlfs LXX, unabridged
BDB in addition to the unabridged TDNT mentioned above).

I just thought you might like some info to consider.


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