[b-greek] Re: Pseudo-Callisthenes

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@attbi.com)
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 15:55:48 EST

My mistake. I forgot that Pseudo Calisthenes is the reputed author of
the History of
Alexander the Great.

Here is the text. You will need to change it to SGreek to read it.



&`2.21.21$` bou/lomai de\ mh\ e)n e(autoij krinein, oson tij u(mwn
exei pro\j eteron, ou)de\
e)f' ou bou/lesqe, kai ma/lista peri kefalikou=: e)a\n de/ tij
fanv= e)kto\j bou-
leuthriou suna/gwn h satra/paj h sune/xwn, wj pole/mioj

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