[b-greek] Metathesis

From: Randy Leedy (Rleedy@bju.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 21:51:13 EST

A colleague of mine (who teaches Hebrew) has gotten curious about
metathesis as a linguistic phenomenon, and he is interested in
compiling some examples of words (from a variety of languages) with
variant forms where the difference is a re-ordering of letters. He
gave as examples a Hebrew word for sheep (KeBeS / KeSeB) and a
Caribbean English variant: sandals / slandas.

I can't think of any Greek words that have variant forms involving
reordering the letters, though, to be honest, it seems like there
might be a word or two rattling around in the dark recesses of the
brain where I can't get to it. I wouldn't be surprised to see
something of this sort in the non-literary papyri; does anyone know of
any Greek word(s) that are commonly written with such a variant
spelling, whether in "street talk" or in more formal language?

Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University Seminary
Greenville, SC

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