[b-greek] Re: Transposed Rho and Delta Letter?

From: Manolis Nikolaou (aei_didaskomenos@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 10:54:46 EST

> Do you know of any cases, in theSeptuagint, the New Testament or any
> classical sources, in which the letters delta and rho were exchanged because
> of scribal error, due to their graphic similarity (in block letters). This
> would probably happen in a
> proper name, which would not have meant anything to the copyist. In Hebrew
> it happens a lot with the letters daleth and resh, who's ancient forms look
> just like a delta and a rho written backwards, and who's modern forms are
> also very similar. For example in the OT the names "Reuel" and "Deuel", or
> the nation of "Dodanim" in Genesis 10 spelled "Rodanim" (Rhodes?) in 1 Chr. 1.
> Kevin
> Kevin W. Woodruff, M. Div.
> Library Director/Reference Librarian
> Professor of New Testament Greek
> Cierpke Memorial Library
> Tennessee Temple University/Temple Baptist Seminary
> 1815 Union Ave.

The symbols D and P may be graphically similar, but given that in the
original Greek alphabet delta is represented not by "D" but by an
equilateral triangle, I don't think one could easily confuse the letters
in question.

Manolis Nikolaou
Athens, Greece

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