[b-greek] Re: Transposed Rho and Delta Letter?

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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 17:58:06 EST

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Do you know of any cases, in theSeptuagint, the New Testament or any
classical sources, in which the letters delta and rho were exchanged because
of scribal error, due to their graphic similarity (in block letters). This
would probably happen in a
proper name, which would not have meant anything to the copyist. In Hebrew
it happens a lot with the letters daleth and resh, who's ancient forms look
just like a delta and a rho written backwards, and who's modern forms are
also very similar. For example in the OT the names "Reuel" and "Deuel", or
the nation of "Dodanim" in Genesis 10 spelled "Rodanim" (Rhodes?) in 1 Chr. 1.

Kevin W. Woodruff, M. Div.
Library Director/Reference Librarian

My guess is that it would be necessary to do a search for occurences of DR
[Greek delta rho] // RD [Hebrew daleth resh] and RD [Greek rho delta // DR
[Hebrew daleth resh] and see where the same verses and words occur. This may
take a little time to accomplish since I believe the comparison of the search
hits would need to be done manually.

Regarding "who's" for "whose", tsk, tsk. And from a librarian too.


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