[b-greek] Ephesians 4:26

From: Elijah Yoder (elijahyoder@characterlink.net)
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 22:23:32 EST


I have two questions on this phrase, with the second one being the
primary one. The answer to the seond question, however, hinges on
a person's answer to the first.

(1) Should ORGIZESQE be taken as a command -- "Be angry!" or
should it be taken as a permissive imperative? It seems to me that
grammatically it can be taken either way and that one's theology will
determine the answer given.

(2) If ORGIZESQE is taken as a command, is the following a
grammatically possible interpretation: "Be angry! Stop this
continuing sin (of not being angry)!"? Does the Greek grammar and
context allow (or support?) this interpretation?

Elijah Yoder
Harrisonville, PA

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