[b-greek] RE: Ephesians 4:26

From: DEXROLL@aol.com
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 03:55:18 EST

    This passage has always puzzled me and in looking at it more closely, it
seems to be clearly a series of prohibitions after the initial command. "Be
angry ( perhaps even - continue being angry - present imperative) and stop
sinning ( MH + Present imperative = demand of the cessation of the action) .
Stop letting the sun go down on your provocation and stop giving a place to
the Devil. !"

    This fits well with the context which in verse 25 speaks of ... putting
away lying ... speaking truth with his neighbor, because we are members one
of another. And the following verses speak of conduct that is enjoined
because of the benefit to the individual and the rest of the church. The
writer is saying that there must be a quick response to sin in the church
and that it is because of concern one for the other and the necessity of not
letting a problem get out of hand.

    To say that the writer is saying "you can be angry , but don't sin in
your anger" --( which is the essential meaning usually given for this verse)
-- does not fit the context and makes no sense of the simple string of
command and prohibitions.


David Rollins - Dexroll@aol.com

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