[b-greek] Resurrection of Jesus

From: Hrubi Krunoslav (khrubi@i-one.at)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 15:11:15 EST

I am confronted with a teaching which says, Jesus rose on Shabbat
The only scripture verse, which seem to contradict, is Mark 16:9.
In all translations it says, After Jesus rose on the first day of the
Now comes the possibility, that Mark 16:9 says "After He had arisen, on
the first day of the week He appeared to Mary..." The grammatical
structure in Greek indicates that the phrase, the first day of the week
indicates when He appeared to Mary, not when He arose. Mark simply states
that 'After He arose....when it was the first day of the week He appeared
to Mary'.
Is this correct? Can the text in greek be read as that?
Is there any biblical hint whether Jesus rose on Saturday or Sunday?

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