[b-greek] RE: Eta + Upsilon diphthong

From: Trevor & Julie Peterson (06peterson@cua.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 16:13:57 EST

Eric wrote:
> For reading the New Testament with Modern Greek pronunciation, Spiros
> Zodhiates shows on his pronunciation card that HU is to be pronounced as
> "eef" or "eev", which he distinguishes from EU, which he shows to
> pronounce as "ef" or "ev".
> SO ... what is the consensus on the "Modern Greek" pronunciation of HU,
> or how would a Modern Greek pronounce this diphthong if he/she
> encounters it in the NT?

The way that Zodhiates explains it. If I understand correctly, it's ev for
EU and eev for HU unless the diphthong precedes a voiceless consonant, in
which case it becomes voiceless as well (ef/eef).

Trevor Peterson

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