[b-greek] Re: Rev. 3:15

From: Eric S. Weiss (eweiss@gte.net)
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 23:27:31 EST

I read somewhere that you may indeed be correct. What has been claimed is
that Hieropolis, a city near to Laodicea, was known for its healing hot
springs. Colossae, another nearby city, was known for its cold refreshing
water. Laodicea, meanwhile, had to pipe in its water from a long distance
and it was somewhat brackish and lukewarm by the time it got to the city.
An "archeology and the Bible" book I have says something a bit different,
but still suggests that Laodicea's water was lukewarm and not cool and
refreshing. I would guess that the two recent massive commentaries on
Revelation -- Aune (Word) and Beale (NIGTC) -- could confirm or refute

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