Dear fellow Greek students, I am a bit perplexed about an issue I came across recently.  In Matthew 19:9, MH is used rather than EAV MH.  Many English translations use "except" in this verse.  This is not a proper translation of MH.  Is this something that can be justified?  I also find it interesting that in Mark's parallel account of this passage, the "except clause" is left out entirely (Mk. 10:11-12).  Jesus also mentions that his intent is to restore the principals from Creation.  The "except clause" wasn't in God's original plan.  In addition, Romans 7:2-3, a passage that obviously permits remarriage on the grounds of a spouse's death, is very clear.  What is the significance of the unclear language in Matthew19:9?

Justin Rogers [Moderator's note: New list-members please take note: BG Protocol requires a full-name signature to be appended to messages sent to the list.]        

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