Jon Bosak

Current Projects

OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee


The Old Measure: An Inquiry into the Origins of the U.S. Customary System of Weights and Measures (August 2010)


SGML, Java, and the future of the Web (November 1996)

XML, Java, and the future of the Web (March 1997)

Four Myths about XML. IEEE Computer, October 1998

XML and the Second-Generation Web (with Tim Bray). Scientific American, May 1999

Governance: The Killer App? Government Technology, November 2000

Text Markup and the Cost of Access Nature, August 2001

Why OOXML Is Not Ready for Prime Time (July 2007)

NYS Open Records Discussion Must Recognize Technical Requirements (June 2008)

Can New York State Feed Itself? (June 2009)

Outlook for Liquid Fuels, 2010-2020 (October 2010)

Canonical grain weights as a key to ancient systems of weights and measures (first published March 2012)

Selected presentations

XML: The New Standard for Web Data (Tokyo, July 1997)

XML: The Universal Publishing Format (Paris, May 1998)

Tutorial: The XML Landscape (University of California, Santa Cruz, June 1999)

The Universal Business Language (Guadalajara, March 2002)

Closing Keynote: XML 2006 (Boston, 7 December 2006)

The Parliamentary Assistant (with Ken Clements)


Plan of action

XML examples

Four Religious Works (1958896-byte zip file)

The Plays of Shakespeare (2195143-byte zip file)

DSSSL examples

The email example

The English/Japanese Jade processing example

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Bethany Schroeder: Selected Poems

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Robert Bosak (1925-1987): An Information Algebra