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Worldwide List of Internet Accessible Herbaria

This list is an attempt to track all herbaria with a known Internet presence, large or small. The intent is to identify all the primary sites, not simply lists of other sites; although in some cases, a list is all that is currently available through the Internet about some specific herbaria. As such, the list includes herbaria with full blown, elaborate web sites including multiple pages, links, images and databases, such as at Harvard University; as well as those where the herbarium is simply mentioned within the descriptive text of the parent organization's web site, such as the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. An example of a list of local herbaria where no other web presence is available is found in this site in Croatia.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, this list includes herbaria containing vascular and non-vascular plants. If an organization has designated its collection of organisms as a herbarium, it is included in this list.

The number in parentheses accompanying each geographic region or location indicates the number of sites present within the list. As new herbarium web sites are discovered, the list will be updated. Please email me for additions or corrections or suggestions.

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Jim Murphy