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Plant Identification

This portion of BOTNET provides several means of interactively identifying Southeastern US specimens by means of traditional dichotomous keys and (when installed) an interactive polyclave key. Currently, BOTNET houses only information about the Gymnosperms, and as such, we have selected specific keys to address the gymnosperms of the region. Four of the five keys linked below are resident on the BOTNET server. The fifth, Flora of North America, is linked from the publically accessible web site for the Flora North America Project. In time, we will consider adding other keys for other taxa as the BOTNET collection grows.

Specimens can be identified by following the links within each key from the top at the Order Level down to the Species and in some cases Sub-species Levels. As an aid to keying the specimens, selected botanical terms within the keys and descriptions are linked to their definitions. When selected, the definition will be visible in the frame at the bottom of the screen. These definitions are derived from the same classified glossary as described in the introductory pages. We trust that this will be useful to those not completely familiar with botanical nomenclature.

Please be sure to read and heed the copyright information about the selected keys, which were generously provide for use by the copyright holders.

Selected Floristic Treatments and Keys: