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This pathway into the specimen information allows browsing by the names of the specimens, either by species (scientific) names or by the common names. Those who have a specific name in mind will find a more direct route to the various taxonomic treatments and specimen images related to the names selected. All of the names were derived from the resources indicated in the bibliography.

Browse scientific names:

The taxonomic names are presented in tables by family, based on the consensus gathered from the various references. Within the tables are the taxonomic names and synonyms and indications of the support for the names from the various references. The highlighted names are those species names most commonly agreed upon by the references. To the right of each name, an "X" under a reference name indicates the support for that name by the reference author. An "S" indicates that the reference concludes the name to be a synonym. An asterisk, "*", in the first column to the right of the species name indicates that this species is not native to the Southeastern United States. A blank entry indicates no mention of the name by the reference. The highlighted species names are linked to further information about the species, including taxonomic treatments and images.

Gymnosperm Families

[Cupressaceae]  [Cycadaceae]  [Ginkgoaceae]  [Pinaceae]  [Taxaceae]  [Taxodiaceae]  [Zamiaceae] 

Browse common names:

The common names are drawn from the list of references in the bibliography used in compiling the Southeastern Gymnosperms. The resources for the common names are listed together with the names. These are also linked to additional information about the taxa.

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