Table of Figures

Note: All illustrations were originally created by Marion S. Seiler

Figure 6-1-1. Root Structural Types and Stem Parts.
Figure 6-1-2. Twig Surface Parts; Thorns.
Figure 6-1-3. Pith; Wood.
Figure 6-2-1. Stem Types, Stem Structural Types and Bud Types.
Figure 6-2-2. Stem Structural Types.
Figure 6-2-3. Bud Types.
Figure 6-3-1. Leaf Types and Leaf Structural Types.
Figure 6-3-2. Other Leaf Types.
Figure 6-3-3. Leaf Structural Types.
Figure 6-4-1. Inflorescense Types - Structural.
Figure 6-4-2. Inflorescense Types - Descriptive.
Figure 6-5-1. Flower Parts.
Figure 6-5-2. Perianth and Hypanthium Parts.
Figure 6-6-1. Flower Types.
Figure 6-6-2. Perianth Structural Types.
Figure 6-7-1. Androecium, Stamen Position.
Figure 6-7-2. Stamen Arrangement, Androecial Types.
Figure 6-7-3. Stamen Structural Types, Thecal Arrangement.
Figure 6-7-4. Anther Types and Attachment.
Figure 6-8-1. Gynoecium, Gynoecial Types.
Figure 6-8-2. Carpel and Ovule.
Figure 6-8-3. Carpel Types.
Figure 6-8-4. Ovule Types.
Figure 6-8-5. Stigma Types.
Figure 6-8-6. Style Types.
Figure 6-9-1. Fruit Types, Dry Indehiscent Fruit Types.
Figure 6-9-2. Fruit Types, Dry Dehiscent Fruit Types.
Figure 6-9-3. Fruit Types, Capsule Types.

Figure 6-9-4. Fruit Types, Schizocarp Fruit Types.
Figure 6-9-5. Fruit Types, Fleshy Fruit Types.
Figure 6-10-1. Fruit Types, Aggregate Fruit Types.
Figure 6-10-2. Fruit Types, Accessory Fruit Types.
Figure 6-10-3. Seed Parts.
Figure 6-10-4. Embryo Types.
Figure 6-11-1. Position and Posture, Perianth and Androecial Position.
Figure 6-11-2. Position and Posture, Placental Position.
Figure 6-11-3. Position and Posture, Transverse Posture.
Figure 6-11-4. Position and Posture Longitudinal Posture.
Figure 6-12-1. Embryonic Position, Aestivation.
Figure 6-12-2. Embryonic Position, Ptyxis.
Figure 6-12-3. Cotyledon Position.
Figure 6-12-4. Ovule Position.
Figure 6-13-1. Leaf Shapes.
Figure 6-13-2. Symetric Plane Figures.
Figure 6-14-1. Shapes (Solid).
Figure 6-15-1. Leaf Apices.
Figure 6-15-2. Leaf Attachments and Bases.
Figure 6-16-1. Leaf Margins.
Figure 6-16-2. Leaf Arangement.
Figure 6-16-3. Leaf Venation.
Figure 6-17-1. Branching Patterns.
Figure 6-17-2. Surface.
Figure 6-17-3. Vestiture.
Figure 6-18-1. Flower Sex; Inflorescense Sex.
Figure 6-18-2. Ferns.
Figure 6-18-3. Lower Vascular Plants.
Figure 6-18-4. Lower Vascular Plants, Reproductive Structures.