The Hill Forts of Maharashtra

The hill forts played a significant part in the histories covered by this collection. The majority of them are uninhabited now, as they were deliberately located in very inaccessible positions. Many of them have become tourist attractions, and are very popular with hikers.

Here is a list of the forts I have found so far. I am pointing them out using links to Google maps. If a reader of these pages knows where any of the unlinked forts are located, please send me a Google Maps link, preferably a short link using the option given by Google maps.

The following forts, which are mentioned in Grant Duff's History of the Mahrattas, are still to be located. Note that Grant Duff wrote in the first quarter of the 19th century, and still used the old, erroneous, "anglicized" spelling which is no longer used. But therein lies the problem – what are the correct names in today's spelling? Please contact me if you know the locations of these or any other hill forts in Maharashtra.