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Carrboro Board of Alderman candidate: Frank Abernethy

Age: 49

Neighborhood: The Village Apartments off Smith Level Road

Profession: Unemployed due to disability

Education and Experience: B.A. in Psychology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Former board member Disability Council; volunteer with Orange County Skills Development Center, Helpline and United Methodist Church; Governor’s award for outstanding volunteer of the year

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I’d like to continue to increase the tax base in the town of Carrboro and try to bring more businesses to our community. I would like to keep as much green space and add trails and, if possible, a small park. I’d also like to reduce the amount of runoff into creeks and streams to reduce the amount of pollution going to Jordan Lake. And as the town grows, add police officers to better serve the community and make sure the new fire station gets built as soon as possible.

What are the top two or three critical issues facing Carrboro?

Give the power back to the police to enforce the federal detainer law; maintain and add to sidewalks, bikeways and trails; increase the tax base.

What have you learned about our town in the campaign?

The main thing I’ve gotten out of running and my first time in politics is learning about the many community organizations and their interest in what candidates have to offer. I feel that this makes Carrboro a stronger community since these organizations are trying to make sure we elect good people.

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